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Search using partial or full terms such as:

giant cell

optic neuro

prolif diab retin without edema

post sub cat


To filter out a search term, add a hyphen to the beginning:

prolif -nonprolif diab retin without edema

angle clo glauc -chronic

glauc -secondary

iridocy -recurr


To force an exact match of multiple words in a row, use double quotes:

diab "with mac" -non left

Partial Code Search

You can directly search for ICD10 codes, too (although you have to type at least three characters of the code):

E11 edema right

H40 severe

H20 chronic


The application understands a limited number of ophthalmic initialisms, such as IOP, CME, PDR, POAG, etc. These will be automatically expanded into the corresponding full text; for example, "KCN" becomes "keratoconus."

This aplication is made by ophthalmologists for ophthalmologists, but it contains the entire ICD10 code set and may be useful for other subspecialties as well. However, the number of initialisms used in other subspecialties that this application understands is very limited.

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